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Altar Worker Seminar

After more than 30 years of being a senior Pastor, it has become apparent to me that there is a tremendous, growing need for training materials targeting men and women who wish to serve God, their church, and others at the altar.

Throughout my ministry, I have believed very strongly that every service should end with an emphasis on inviting people to meet with God at the altar. Many years ago, I had a lady who commented to me, “You are the pastor of the altar.” I took that as a compliment.

When people come to church they are searching for God for one reason or another. Some are on a very purposeful search, almost out of desperation, others are subconsciously searching for Him, but they all have one thing in common, they are searching. The fact that everyone we have the privilege of ministering to is searching for God should challenge and motivate us to do everything in our power to provide highly qualified people to assist individuals in their pursuit of God.

As a rule, people do not become highly capable altar workers on their own, they must have someone to help them decide if this is the ministry God is calling them to, and then train them to function at the highest level of effectiveness possible.

As leaders, when we become successful at recruiting and training people to work the altar we will begin to see the results God has desired to bring into our lives and we have all hoped for. It is my belief that most Pastors and church leaders desire to see God do an awesome work in the lives of those who are in their care. Many times however, there is a woeful lack of training materials available in various areas of ministry within the church. In my opinion, the greatest need for training materials is around the altar. For that reason I have committed myself to developing ministry handbooks to be used by pastors and church leaders to raise up a group of mighty warriors who will rise to the assistance of individuals searching for God.

A Seminar schedule looks like the following:
Saturday 9am – 3pm

The History of the Altar
Components of an Altar Service
Altar Work Defined
Goals of Altar Work
Qualifications for Altar Workers
Techniques for Altar Workers
Follow Up
How to Pray with Respondents

Financial Requirements

The host church is responsible for travel, lodging, and meals for Pastor Nordin and a traveling companion.  A freewill offering is expected with proceeds going to The Prophets Chamber. (prophetschamber.com)



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