Equipping Ministers + Training Leaders


Procedures for Joining

1.)   Submit application to Global Ministries Network.

2.)   If approved, you must select three people who will be your Apostolic (Accountability) covering, preferably ministers.  These people must be, mature/seasoned Christians.  Each minister must stay completely accountable to the Apostolic covering.  If a problem develops ethically or morally, the Apostolic elders make all decisions and the credential holder agrees as part of the credentialing process to abide by what the Apostolic elders decide.

3.)    Each minister must also agree to the doctrine outlined in the GMN Constitution.

4.)    Each minister must agree to pay 50% of their tithe monthly to Global Ministries Network.

5.)   Each minister must agree to pay 50% of their tithe monthly to their local church.

Once approved, you will be notified and you will receive your credentials in the mail from Global Ministries Network.

An annual credentialing service will be held each year at the Empowerment Conference in October.

Click the link to learn more about Empowerment Conference (empowermentconf.com)